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Archival Activism: Independent and Community-led Archives… by Andrew Flinn

Excerpts from Archival Activism: Independent and Community-led Archives, Radical Public History and the Heritage Professions by Andrew Flinn. Published by the InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies, 7(2)

Jan, 23

Utopie: Craig Buckley and Jean-Louis Violeau

“Let us try to define this question more clearly. We will consider the following simplified scheme: on the one hand, a social practice, and on the other, the materiality in which this social practice is […]

Jan, 17

The Practice of Everyday Life, by Michel de Certeau

“The ordinary practitioners of the city live “down below,” below the thresholds at which visibility begins. They walk—-an elementary form of this experience of the city; they are walkers, Wandersmanner, whose bodies follow the thicks […]

Jan, 15

Unleashing the Archive, by Mark Wigley

  The following excerpt is from Mark Wigley’s essay Unleashing the Archive “The archive is protected both physically and ideologically by all sorts of rules, protocols, procedures, and technologies that govern access to the material. […]

Jan, 15


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